Exhibitor Information for the Twin Cities Auto Show!

This page is intended for exhibitors, manufacturers, allied vendors, dealerships, designers, and other businesses that are interested in exhibiting at the Twin Cities Auto Show

The Twin Cities Auto Show is a Top-15 market in the United States! 

Sponsoring and Exhibiting at the Twin Cities Auto Show:

As of 02/12/2018, Main Floor contracts have been emailed. If you did not receive an email, please contact mary@mada.org

If you have questions regarding sponsoring or exhibiting, direct your questions to:
Mary Velline
Twin Cities Auto Show Director

Dealership Web Banner Assets:

To promote and direct clients to the Twin Cities Auto Show on your website, click here for a .ZIP archive of various resolution web banners. 

OR, Download the individual resolutions below:

The Future of Auto Shows:

Are you wondering what the future holds for Auto Shows such as the Twin Cities Auto Show? Do you question if Auto Shows are still viable or if the steam is running out on this 100 year old tradition as the baby boomers find less need for autos in retirement and the younger generations seem more wedded to the concept of mobility? You may be surprised by what the experts say. 

Join John McElroy as he brings Rick Deneau, the Head of Product Communications for FCA; Steve Bruyn with Foresight Research; and Stephanie Brinley, an auto analyst with IHS Automotive; as they discuss this topic in-depth.