Exhibitor Information for the 2019 Twin Cities Auto Show!

This page is intended for exhibitors, manufacturers, allied vendors, dealerships, designers, and other businesses that are interested in exhibiting at the Twin Cities Auto Show

The Twin Cities Auto Show is a Top-15 market in the United States!

  • Logo-

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    *Important: This logo has changed for the 2019 show. Please be sure to use this new logo in all marketing efforts*


    Web Banners- Click on the banner below to download

      120 x 600        160 x 600

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     Table Top Signs- 

     Four will be mailed or delievered to your dealership.
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     $2 Discount Tickets- 

    These will be mailed to your dealership in "pads". 2,000 discount tickets will be included in the first mailing.
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    Oil Change Assets-

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    Promotional Items:

    Engage customers and grow customer loyalty by giving out promotional items at the Twin Cities Auto Show!

    Order your apparel, bags, and other promotional products through MADA Services, a division of the Minnesota Automobile Dealers Association that supports Minnesota dealerships. Products ordered through MADA Services will be delievered directly to your vendor space at no cost to you!

    Click here to view our flyer with more information. 

    To order, call 651-291-2400 or email services@mada.org.

  •  Dealer Branded Tickets are new and improved for 2019!

    This ticket program is exclusive to GMADA Dealers!

    GMADA member dealerships can order Twin Cities Auto Show tickets for their customers, branded with their dealership logo (hense the name branded tickets). Dealerships will only pay for each ticket that is actually used for admission, and will recieve an email notification as each ticket is scanned to allow for immediate follow up with these hot leads. Plus each dealership will be provided with a report after the show with the name and email of every person who attended the show using E-Tickets!

    For more information, click here.

    To order complete this form or visit twincitiesautoshow.com/dealertix.


  • 2019 Twin Cities Auto Show Information:

    Display information for the main floor has been emailed to all manufacture, display house and event companies that the Show has on record.  
    If you did not recieve the information and should be on record as a contact, please email mary@mada.org

    Click here for a copy of the 2019 Terms and Conditions. 


    Exhibitor Kit:

    The exhibitor kit is available. To request a copy, email mary@mada.org with your company name and brand exhibiting at the show which you represent.


    After Dark:

    After Dark is a one-of-a-kind event only put on by the Twin Cities Auto Show! On Friday, March 15th, the Twin Cities Auto Show will create an evening atmosphere with specialty lighting on the main floor to highlight vehicles' exterior and interior lights.  To best utilize this opportunity the Twin Cities Auto Show encourages battery packs on all vehicles and recommends that OEMS, dealers and display houses order show vehicles to feature all interior and exterior lights. Buyers want and ask to see the lighting- let's show it to them! For more information click here.



Sponsoring and Exhibiting at the Twin Cities Auto Show:

If you have questions regarding sponsoring or exhibiting, direct your questions to:
Mary Velline
Twin Cities Auto Show Director

Watch the Videos Below to Learn More About Why You Should Exhibit at the Twin Cities Auto Show:


The Future of Auto Shows:

Are you wondering what the future holds for Auto Shows such as the Twin Cities Auto Show? Do you question if Auto Shows are still viable or if the steam is running out on this 100 year old tradition as the baby boomers find less need for autos in retirement and the younger generations seem more wedded to the concept of mobility? You may be surprised by what the experts say. 

Join John McElroy as he brings Rick Deneau, the Head of Product Communications for FCA; Steve Bruyn with Foresight Research; and Stephanie Brinley, an auto analyst with IHS Automotive; as they discuss this topic in-depth.