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3 Finalist will face off at the Twin Cities Auto Show for the chance to win a trip for 2 to either Barrett-Jackson or a NASCAR event!

Vote for your favorite below March 9-14!

  • From Owner Lynn Pfenning:
    My father purchased the Volkswagen new in 1967 from the dealership in Minot, North Dakota. He sold it to a local farmer in 1975 for $750. The farmer’s boys used that car to drive from the farm to high school, but the VW was also used on the farm to herd cattle and act as a utility vehicle. After pushing the car out of the barn, it looked to be in fairly good condition. We came to a deal and towed the car from western North Dakota to Minneapolis in 2013. When we started the restoration we found the car had been previously “Restored”. The doors and front of the car had been smashed. I learned from one of the sons, the damage was from hitting cows and who knows what else on the farm. All of the damage was repaired with layers of bondo, nearly an inch thick in scone areas. Rubber seals around the windows had decayed allowing water into the car causing extensive rust and mold damage to the interior. The exterior of the car had mostly been painted with a paintbrush. Areas that were sprayed included tires, chrome and glass.
    Work Done:
    This Volkswagen has had every nut, bolt and piece of sheet metal either replaced or refurbished. The motor has been completely rebuilt after a rats nest including rat caught fire and burnt up the engine. Holes in the pan, from hitting field stones were repaired. All rust and damaged metal has been cut out and replaced. The suspension has completely been rebuilt and modified. The interior and exterior of the car has additional rust proofing and ceramic sound deadening installed. Original chrome has all been refurbished and a custom interior has been installed. Candy Brandywine paint replaced the original Brunswick blue. Custom iron cross wheels replaced original steel Volkswagen wheels with trim rings. Restoration was completed in July 2018.
  • From Owner Jeremy Hegfors:
    My 1968 Plymouth Barracuda was picked out thanks to the help of my uncle Dale. He knew I wanted something that was unique, that would stand out at a car show. We choose this car after his inspection of it not needing much work in terms of body work. My father, Dale and I were very close, we would always go to car shows every year and it was something I always looked forward to. My car was found at the swap meet at Mopars in the Park in 2012. When I brought it home, we quickly tore it apart, running into all the usual issues in a rebuild. I was okay with it though because I had the wisdom of both my uncle and father to help me through it. Dale helped a lot with the car. He helped with replacing the front suspension, hooking up the wiring for the new Bluetooth radio, and replacing all the wiring in the front of the car. Every time he was in town, he would lend a helping hand. Dale truly believed in having a car that you could enjoy and work on at the same time, most of his projects didn’t work out that way. Dale and I even got to take it out a few times, and that is something I will always remember now that he is gone. Dale was first diagnosed with cancer only a couple years after me getting the Barracuda. Even with this dire news, he was still willing to help whether in person or over the phone. Dale lived in Ely Minnesota, so it was usually only the summer times that he would come down to visit. In early 2018 the Barracuda made the journey from Ely to Burnsville, some 268 miles approximately. This was because the car was usually kept at Dale’s in the winter time. Mid 2018 that all changed forever. Unfortunately, Dale lost his battle with cancer on June 10th, 2018. Right before the Back to the 50s car show we would go to every year. His funeral was that same weekend and I remember wishing we could have made it to one last car show with Dale. Before Dale passed away, he expressed his wish to help others in the fight against cancer. He was frustrated he couldn’t donate his body for direct cancer research. After hearing his frustration, I took the lead and told him I would ride my bike 25 miles to raise money for cancer research through a local charity. His face lit up when I told him that. I ended up raising $7612 for the University of Minnesota, thanks to the wonderful support of my friends and family. All of this because of a mutual passion for classic cars. That money raised to help fund cancer research would have never happened without Dale expressing his desire to fight back against the cancer that was taking his strength. I know I would never be where I am today without Dale as a mentor and friend. Having this 1968 Plymouth Barracuda allowed me to build a stronger relationship with my father and Dale. For me classic cars represent a lot more than just beautiful craftmanship or going fast. Its about the bonds that these cars create between family, friends and even strangers. The memories that remain when our loved ones are no longer here with us. Every time I take the Barracuda out, I know Dale is riding beside me as we listen to his favorite songs and cruise up and down the countryside.
    Work Done:
    New custom built 360 motor replacing a 318
    Rebuilt transmission
    Bluetooth stereo installed in factory radio
    Cleaned and put undercoating underneath car, quarters etc.
    New custom exhaust
    Sequential LED tail lights
    Replace quarter panels
    Replaced grille and surrounds, painted around radiator
    Sanded down and reprimered entire car
    Installed Disc brakes up front
    Replaced entire front and rear suspension
    New wheels and tires
    Reupholstered seats
    Cleaned and painted interior components
  • From Owner Ryan Munson:
    Well, I got my first 350z back in 2007. I’ve always been into cars both domestic and imports. After owning my Z for a few years and completely repainting and changing body parts I knew I had to have more power and muscle in it. I ended up swapping an ls1/t56 combo into it and had a buddy build a custom turbo setup for the car. Along the way I met quite a few people in the Z community and have made a name for myself after building 5 LS swapped Nissan and Infiniti’s. A few years ago I ended buying a buddies car that I was helping do an LS swap. I figured it was time to out do myself and build a Z that was one of a kind. So, starting out with a clean low mile chassis we did a Forged and built 5.3 swap and a custom twin turbo kit. Everything in the driveline, fuel system, and suspension has been upgraded to handle 1000+hp. Then I focused on the exterior. I got ahold of a Buddy Brian McCann and Mastermind North America and had them import the 370z front conversion for a company in japan called DoLuck. So far it’s the only one to be imported into the states. The car also has numerous carbon fiber parts such as the side skirts and rear bumper valance as well as the APR GTC300 wing. To finish off the body work I learned how to Vinyl wrap because I ran out of time to make a car show last spring. To finish off the look I decided to install a full Airlift 3H air suspension setup to save the front clip from the Minnesota potholes. All the hard work has paid off winning some awards throughout last summer and putting 4000miles on as a summer daily driven car.
    Work Done:
    Chevy 5.3 block
    K1 forged crank
    Weisco pistons
    Compstar rods
    Pro ARP main and head studs
    LJMS custom twin turbo cam
    BTR valve train
    Ls9 headgaskets
    Ported 243 heads
    Ls6 intake manifold
    Holley fuel rails
    Holley 160lb injectors
    Holley dominator FPR
    -10 fuel feed lines, -8 return
    Walbro 450 intank fuel pump
    Magnafuel 4303 external fuel pump
    Radium engineering siphon jet
    Holley boost solenoids
    Holley HP EFI engine management with digit dash
    Precision 6266 turbos
    JGS wastegates
    Tial bov
    Treadstone intercooler
    Greddy oil cooler
    Griffin aluminum radiator
    Oneguysgarge custom twin turbo kit
    3.5in AAM true dual exhaust
    McLoed Street twin clutch
    Tremec Magnum T56 trans
    Custom 3in steel drive shaft
    Drive Shaft Shop axles
    Airlift Performance 3H air suspension
    Spl adjustable camber arms
    Spl solid subframe bushings
    Stainless braided brake lines
    06 brake caliper and rotor upgrade
    Volk racing TE37 time attack wheels 19x9.5/10.5 +22
    Michelin pilot super sport tires 245/35/19, 275/35/19
    Works bell quick release steering hub
    Momo steering wheel
    Soul Function K bar
    Takata harnesses
    DoLuck 370z front conversion
    Seibon TT Carbon skirts
    Seibon TT tear bumper valance
    APR GTC300 Carbon adjustable wing
    Quik latch hood pins
    Laminex window and headlight film
    Avery Dennison gloss dark grey vinyl wrap
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    From Owners Drew and Andrew Supina:
    My older son, Drew, is currently 16 years old. When he was 14 years old, he wanted to get a car to work on in the third stall of our garage. As mentioned above, I purchased my sister's Passat for this purpose, but my wife and I informed Drew that he would need to earn money to pay for tools and parts for any work that he wanted to do on the VW. Drew promptly began taking odd jobs to earn money, and he eventually got a job with a landscaping company to fund the car projects that he wanted to undertake. He also did extensive research on what he could do to the VW, collaborating within forums and reading about what others had done to similar cars. This helped him to create a vision for what he wanted to accomplish. Drew also wanted to learn how to weld so that he could make custom components for the car. After saving money for a welder, he taught himself welding techniques which resulted in him welding custom exhaust pipes for the car, along with other custom-fabricated components.
    Why this car is important is that all of the work was done by my son between the ages of 14 and 16. He earned the money he needed, developed the skills that he needed and showed amazing levels of commitment, patience and dedication to accomplish what he has with this car. It is a blast to drive the car after all of his work. It is quick and handles well. It's a sleeper, as you wouldn't look at it and think that it had so much work done to it.
    Drew represents the next generation of car enthusiast, and I would love to have his hard work recognized.- Andrew Supina
    Work Done:
    Replaced the stock suspension with coil-overs to lower the ride height
    Replaced the stock turbo with a larger unit
    Added a boost controller
    Replaced the stock inter-cooler with a larger unit, including custom fabrication to create space
    Added new coil packs
    Re-routed tubing & wiring in the engine bay to create a cleaner look
    Painted the engine bay
    Replaced the stock stereo with a new unit
    Added air/fuel ratio & boost gauges to the interior
    Replaced stock wheels with wheels from an Audi S4
    Replaced the stock exhaust with a new system that he custom designed & welded
    Added a new waste gate exhaust with his own design that he routed upwards through the hood
    Repaired multiple cosmetic issues on the vehicle's exterior
    Custom fabricated a new floor panel for the storage area behind the rear seats
    Collaborated with a tuning supplier to get a new ECU chip & installed with associated fine-tuning
    Worked with a local company to get window tint applied
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