Acceleration Alley

You’ve seen them on video, you’ve read about them in magazines, now get ready to see them up-close and in-person! Featuring the fastest vehicles offered by the luxury sports car industry, Acceleration Alley is built upon the principles of style and speed. Located in the Luxury Ballroom across the aisle from Luxury Lane, you won’t spot a single vehicle under $75,000!

In addition to the line-up of standard manufacturer vehicles, Acceleration Alley will be debuting two Hurst Heritage performance vehicles custom-built by GSS Supercars! It's time to realize your street-legal, hot-rod dreams and view the rare 2018 Hurst Heritage Dodge Challenger and 2018 Hurst Heritage Ford Mustang. The combination of brand-new Hurst parts and accessories along with Mr. Norm’s tradition create the epitome of a “Gentlemen’s” hot-rod. With only 50 Hurst Heritage performance vehicles in production for 2018, you won’t want to miss out on this viewing opportunity!

Pictures and Video