Taj Gibson & Jamal Crawford - March 10, 2018

Your two favorite Minnesota Timberwolves players are coming to the Twin Cities Auto Show on Saturday, March 10th from 3:00pm - 4:00pm! Visit the Lexus display for a special Q&A session with Taj Gibson and Jamal Crawford! Wish them luck in their push for the playoffs and take an opportunity to receive an exclusive photo!

Presented by Lexus of Wayzata and Lexus of Maplewood!



#67 - Taj Gibson
From 2009 to 2017, Taj Gibson played for Chicago when he was then traded to Oklahoma City. This year marks his first season with Minnesota and it's been his greatest season yet! Playing his career high for average minutes-per-game, shooting his best career average field goal percentage, and posting a career best for amount of steals, Taj Gibson is making an incredible impact for Minnesota!

#11 - Jamal Crawford
Since his 2000 debut, Jamal Crawford has played in Chicago, New York, Golden State, Atlanta, Portland, Los Angeles, and finally Minnesota. Jamal has been an essential player for Minnesota and has shown incredible calm and collectiveness during the last minutes of the game. There's no better player than Jamal Crawford for a critical moment.