Mitsubishi Minnesota Mile

Feel the exhiliration of Minnesota's two fabled seasons...Winter and Road Construction! The Mitsubishi Minnesota Mile is the Twin Cities Mitsubishi Dealers’ way to demonstrate the all-wheel drive and safety capabilities of two new, fuel-efficient Mitsubishi crossovers being introduced this spring: Outlander PHEV and Eclipse Cross Turbo. Both are getting their first public showing at the Twins Cities Auto Show!

Twin Cities Auto Show attendees will be able to ride along with professional drivers over the 20,000 square foot course that includes a custom-built “ice bridge” simulating icy surfaces and how Mitsubishi’s Super All Wheel Control system reacts to winter conditions and, of course, assorted pot holes, staggered orange cones for serious zigzagging, and more. Advanced technologies including 360 degree cameras for parking assistance also will be demonstrated as well as Smart Phone enabled technologies for pre-heating and pre-cooling of these innovative SUVs.