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  • MINI Cooper S Paceman

    At MINI we’ve always been about doing more with less. And not because it’s fashionable. We were small and fuel-efficient when everyone else was going big.

    Press the Start Button on all Cooper S models and you'll unleash the growl of a 16-valve, lightweight aluminum alloy engine, equipped with Valvetronic technology. Outfitted with a twin-scroll turbocharger and direct injection, this engineering marvel delivers 181 horsepower of ultra-smooth, pure giddy-up and go.

    Forget about a clutch. These push-of-the-button shifters on your steering wheel let you control your gearshift points to really maximize your MINI’s performance. It's the best of both automatic and manual transmissions in one. With MINI Connected, a 6.5" high-def display is your mobile command center, giving you safe, hands-free access to your smartphone.