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  • Porsche Cayman

    Accompany the new Cayman to that place where you can feel the butterflies in your stomach: into the curve.

    The Cayman is equipped with a compact, mid-mounted boxer engine positioned just 30 cm behind the driver. This unorthodox approach has crucial strengths. A substantial amount of vehicle weight is concentrated close to the middle of the vehicle. The Cayman is equipped with a free-revving 2.7L flat-six engine with Direct Fuel Injection and VarioCam Plus. It develops 275 horsepower.

    Optional PCM is your central information and communication system. It is powerful and multifunctional, yet easy to operate. The main feature is the intuitive seven-inch touchscreen. Alternatively, you can choose to operate PCM using conventional rotary pushbutton controls. The navigation module of PCM with high-speed hard drive allows you to choose between a 2D display and a 3D perspective.


Local Dealers

Mercedes Benz of Maplewood, Porsche of St. Paul

2780 Highway 61 North
Maplewood, MN 55109

Porsche of Minneapolis

9191 Wayzata Blvd
Golden Valley, MN 55426