1963 Ford Cayuse Concept

In 1963, a design team commissioned by Ford, Dearborn Steel Tube, was asked to develop a sporty European looking car by restyling the Ford Falcon. Vince Gardner, one of the top automotive stylists in the country, headed the experimental design and styling group that included Any Hotton.

The Cayuse received many rave reviews by the public in the Ford Custom Car Caravan display in 1963 and 1964. However, it was not chosen as the design for the Mustang.

This Cayuse, owned by Ralph Marquardt, is one of only two of these concepts produced. It was completed in about 750 hours with the restyle of two 1963 Falcon convertibles. Marquardt’s Cayuse has been featured in many shows and national events, and has even been a part of the Discovery Channel TV show, “Sticker Shock”.


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