Car Meets

Do you want to show off your car at the Auto Show? Participate in one or more of our car meets!
On Monday (5/17), Thursday (5/20) and Friday (5/21) we will be hosting car meets from 5-9pm. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early so all the vehicles can parade in together to the spot.

Open to all makes and models including classics, race, modified, vintage and more!

Showing your car at our car meets is free, and includes entrance into the Twin Cities Auto Show for the driver. Come show off your car, hang out with other vehicle owners, experience the Auto Show and maybe even eat some State Fair Food! 

Click here and enter your information if you are interested! 

Know other people who have cool cars? Tell them to sign up too so you can show off your cars together.

Looking for even more opportunities to show off your cool car? Check out our parades!


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