Celebrity Appearances

Visit the Twin Cities Auto Show to see these celebrities in person!

Ashley from the 93X Half-Assed Morning Show | Saturday, May 15 | 12pm-2pm

Ray Erick from 92KQRS | Saturday, May 15 | 3pm-5pm
Read more about Ray here!

KFAN Power Trip Morning Show | Sunday, May 16 | 12pm-2pm
See Cory Cove,  John Kriesel, Chris Hawkey, Tommy Olson and AJ Mansour! Learn more about The Power Trip Morning Show here.

Garage Logic | Monday, May 17 | 12pm-2pm

Candice Wheeler from the KQ Morning Show on KQRS | Saturday, May 22 | 12pm-2pm
Learn more about Candice here!

*All appearances are subject to change.
**We will update this page if/when a new celebrity appearance is scheduled

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