Daily Parades

The 322 acre, city-like design of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds lends itself to NEW features for the 2021 Twin Cities Auto Show - including daily parades! At 2 p.m. each day of the show, a unique group of people, automobiles and more will parade around the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.



Each day, the parade will have a theme. The themes are:

Satuday, 5/15: Car Enthusiasts
Sunday, 5/16: Camaro and Corvette
Monday, 5/17: Race Cars and Modified
Tuesday, 5/18: Military Vehicles
Wednesday, 5/19: Classic Vehicles
Thursday, 5/20: To Be Determined
Friday, 5/21: Project Cars
Saturday, 5/22: Car Enthusiasts
Sunday, 5/23: Mustangs


The call for parade participants is open - We are looking for marching groups, marching bands, automobiles, grand marshalls, floats, flags, lead cars and more! If you or someone you know wants to be a part of these parades, please fill out this form.


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