Paul Douglas - Official Electric Vehicle Spokesperson for the Twin Cities Auto Show

Paul has made many BOLD and SMART decisions in his successful career.  He is passionate about the Electric Vehicle emergence and loves supporting it.  We felt he was the perfect choice to be our official EV Spokesperson!  

Paul has been onsite test driving and experiencing the vehicles in the Electric Vehicle Ride and Drive.  These cars are new and exciting - but don't take our word for it.  Check out what Paul has to say:


 Check out all the details below regarding his role at the show. 


EV Talk

Paul will lead EV Talk, a panel discussion sponsored by Great River Energy. This will be a positive and insightful look at the emerging world of Electric Vehicles. Panelist from both Minnesota and around the world will discuss the upcoming milestones and intriguing advances that will bring the innovation of Electric Vehicles from the drawing boards of factory engineers to the Showrooms of dealerships and to the garages of consumers. 

Meet and Greet - Come see Paul in the Electric Vehicle Neighborhood.  

Paul is a self-proclaimed innovator and disrupter.  That combination creates a person that is constantly looking at the latest and greatest technology.  Come and learn from his experience and hear a Minnesota celebrity.  

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