The Shed

Two incredibly rare collector Chevrolet Camaros
The Shed is a private collection of unique and innovate classic and muscle cars, and this year they are taking the road trip to the Twin Cities Auto Show. Don’t miss the two rare Camaros in their special appearance!

1969 Camaro ZL1

This ZL1 came about when GM dealer Fred Gibb pressured the company to include a more powerful engine in the Camaro line. The manufacturers response was that they would only produce the car if they had orders for at least 50. Gibb ordered 50 on the spot. There were only 69 ever built, and this car is number 36. Fun Fact: This car actually belonged to and is signed by Gibb's wife! The engine is rated at 430hp. It’s an all aluminum 427 cubic inch big block called the ZL-1 and was specifically designed for drag racing. The engine alone cost over $4,000, which by 1969 terms was a lot of money. It was the fastest car marketed by GM at the time.

1969 Z28 Smokey Yunick Camaro Hemi

Surprisingly, this car has one of only three hemi engines built by GM. The 302 is the A engine of that series and develops just under 600 horsepower. At one time it was part of the Reggie “Mr. October” Jackson collection and features a rare hounds tooth interior. It was acquired at a Mecum auction in Belvedere, Illinois in 2008 and spent a year in storage before the Shed was built.


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