The 2021 Twin Cities Auto Show is going on a road trip! It will take place May 15 - 23, 2021 at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

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The Minnesota State Fairgrounds has tons of space and a city block design that lends to new displays and experiences. To showcase more automotive variety than ever before, we will be transforming the city blocks into an all new feature - The Neighborhoods!

The Neighborhoods are entire blocks showcasing different loves and functions of all motorized vehicles. There are 7 exciting neighborhoods to explore! Each neighborhood will be filled with activities and vehicles curated around an automotive theme. There will be lots for EVERYONE to see at the Twin Cities Auto Show. The Neighborhoods are:

  • Heavy Duty Neighborhood
  • Military Neighborhood
  • Electric Vehicles Neighborhood
  • Outdoor Adventure Neighborhood
  • Lifestyles Neighborhood
  • FUN Neighborhood
  • Motorcycle Neighborhood

Heavy Duty Neighborhood

Explore vehicles that have jobs beyond driving on roads and learn about what it’s like to work with vehicles every day!

Check out heavy duty vehicles of all kinds, including tractor trailers, dump trucks, snowplows and more.

Plus find out why heavy duty jobs can make very lucrative careers.

Heavy Duty Neighborhood

Military Neighborhood

Military Neighborhood

From modern military vehicles to a display of vintage World War II trucks, this tribute to the heroes in our Military will have something for everyone.

Meet some of the people and vehicles that have kept our country safe throughout the years.

The Military Neighborhood will also host the Military Appreciation Night Ceremony on Tuesday, May 18, 2021.

Electric Vehicles Neighborhood

Experience the latest vehicles and technology in this fast growing, ever changing segment.

Xcel Energy will be setting up their garage to show you how to charge your vehicle at home.

Test drive the electric vehicles on the streets of the fairgrounds.

Discover how an electric vehicle would fit into your lifestyle!

Electric Vehicles Neighborhood

Outdoor Adventure Neighborhood

Explore the vehicles that let you make the most of all four seasons in Minnesota.

From the small: Jet Skis, Kayaks, ATVS

To the BIG: RVs, Boats and Luxury Motor Homes Plus, everything in between.

Fill your Seasons in the Outdoor Adventure Neighborhood.

Lifestyles Neighborhoo

Cars have always been more than transportation. The Lifestyles Neighborhood brings together a collection that is sure to have cars you love and cars you will never see anywhere else.

Check out car clubs, vintage cars, and exotics. See our line up of Lowriders and hotrods. Vote on the cars, talk with the owners and hear their stories.

Every day will have a themed parade where you can see these amazing vehicles tour the fairgrounds.

FUN Neighborhood

There will be fun for everyone in the Fun Neighborhood! Rides and activities will give the kids a place to burn off some energy.

Hometown heroes including the Minnesota State Patrol will be showing off their vehicles. Climb in (and on) a fire truck.

Ride a zip line, driver bumper cars… and then see more of the show.

Motorcycle Neighborhood

Sometimes you need to explore on two wheels!

See how much fun you could have, take a test ride right at the show.

See new bikes, custom bikes, vintage bikes and even racing bikes.

Interested in being a part of The Neighborhoods at the Twin Cities Auto Show? Click Here!