Camp Jeep

Camp Jeep

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Camp Jeep Track is returning to the Twin Cities Auto Show. The course will be comprised of several obstacles that simulate some of the rigorous testing that Jeep vehicles endure before customers get behind the wheel. This provides consumers with a first-hand look at the capability standards of Jeep vehicles for Ground Clearance, Traction, Stability, Articulation, Breakover, Off-Camber, and Suspension. Camp Jeep is an interactive adventure zone where professional 4×4 drivers allow riders to experience Jeep brand vehicles on and off-road capabilities. Product specialists will drive participants in a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe & 392, All-New Grand Cherokee 4xe, Jeep Gladiator Mojave & Rubicon, and Grand Cherokee L to allow consumers to experience the legendary capabilities of a Jeep.

Camp Jeep will feature a new-thrilling “can’t miss” hill climb where passengers experience traction capabilities while climbing the 18-foot high, 35-degree Jeep Mountain, the icon of the ride. Riders are over 24 feet off the ground when they sit on top of Jeep Mountain. Guests will experience a Ground Clearance Stair Climb where Jeep demonstrates ground clearance and traction as it climbs 5 feet over a staircase. The Extreme Breakover where Jeeps navigate on a 25-degree uneven plane until one wheel loses contact with the surface, the vehicle continues to climb until it hits the apex guests will get a surge of excitement as the vehicle breaks over the plane. Trail Rated Pass demonstrates extreme three-wheeling over the 50-foot long, 8-foot tall obstacle. As the vehicle ascends and descends 8 feet, passengers will experience the capabilities of Jeep as the vehicle articulates side to side over uneven ramps set at a 25 percent incline. Hang on tight as the vehicles teeter side-to-side on this obstacle. The track includes a 30-degree articulation wedge to demonstrate the vehicle’s body articulation, attendees will experience the adrenaline rush of looking nearly straight up or straight down as they navigate the obstacle. Guests will experience the low crawl and suspension capabilities of a Jeep through the Maneuverability Moguls. Each ride is approximately 5 minutes long.

Participating riders will be automatically entered into the Stellantis US National Giveaway for a chance to win $100,000 toward any eligible Stellantis US vehicle. Camp Jeep participants 17 years and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and be at least 44 inches tall.

More About Camp Jeep:

Camp Jeep Tracks have been produced at many global events, including Beijing, Frankfurt, Vancouver & Mexico City, and over 145 US-based venues, including The New York Auto Show, The Chicago Auto Show, and The Twin Cities Auto Show.