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If you are a television, radio, social media, or podcast journalist, we welcome you to the Twin Cities Auto Show. Our Public Relations team will be happy to arrange interviews with show management or vehicle manufacturers. Contact information is below.

Kwik Trip Extends Presenting Sponsorship

Three-Year Partnership Means Convenience, Discounted Tickets, and a Chance at Free Fuel for a Year

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Winners To Be Announced on Day One of the Show - Saturday, March 30 at 12 p.m.

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Join the Excitement at the Twin Cities Auto Show - Become a Featured Influencer!

Get ready to rev up your engines and ignite the passion for all things automotive! We invite you to join us at the Twin Cities Auto Show, where we are gearing up for an unforgettable experience.

About Us:
As we prepare to showcase the latest and greatest in the automotive world, we're on the lookout for influencers who share our enthusiasm for cars, innovation, and the thrill of the open road. Our mission is to create a buzz, and we believe that your unique voice and influence can help us achieve just that.

Why Us?
Cutting-Edge Exhibits: Witness the most cutting-edge automotive exhibits that will leave your followers in awe.
Exclusive Access: Be among the first to explore and share exclusive sneak peeks of the hottest vehicles before they hit the streets.
Engagement Opportunities: From interactive displays to hands-on experiences, there's no shortage of content opportunities to keep your audience engaged.

What We're Looking For:
We're seeking influencers who are as passionate about cars as we are and who want to share that excitement with their followers. Whether you're into classic cars, electric vehicles, vehicles that meet your family needs, or the latest in automotive technology, we want you to be a part of our journey.

How You Can Help:
Your influence is the key to unlocking the excitement we want to bring to the Twin Cities Auto Show. By sharing your experience, insights, and behind-the-scenes moments, you'll help us create a buzz that will draw a crowd like never before.

Join Us in Driving the Excitement:
Are you ready to be a driving force at the Twin Cities Auto Show? If you're passionate about cars and connecting with your audience in a way that leaves a lasting impression, we want to hear from you!

Contact Us:
To express your interest and learn more about this exciting opportunity, reach out to us today! 

Danny Carpenter
Social Media Manager, Twin Cities Auto Show
West Collaborative
[email protected]


The Second Annual Minnesota Broadcasters New Car and Truck Awards will take place at the 2024 Twin Cities Auto Show. The date, time, and location on the show floor will be announced soon.

The 2023 Award Categories and the Winners are as follows:

    1. Best Electric Vehicle: Ford F150 Lightning
      1. Best Electric Vehicle:  Ford F150 Lightning
      2. Best Hybrid Electric Vehicle:  Toyota Highlander
      3. Best Subcompact & Compact Car:  Honda Civic
      4. Best Midsize & Large Car:  Chevrolet Corvette
      5. Best Luxury Car:  Lexus IS
      6. Best Luxury SUV:  Cadillac Escalade
      7. Best Full Size Pick-up Truck:  Chevrolet Silverado
      8. Best Compact / Midsize Pickup:  Hyundai Santa Cruz
      9. Best Large SUV:  Grand Wagoneer
      10. Best Mid Size SUV:  Volkswagen Tiguan
      11. Best Mini Van & Van:  Chrysler Pacifica
      12. Best in Show:  Dodge Challenger

Click here to see Volkswagen and Hyundai accept their awards.

Click here to see Volkswagen and Hyundai accept their awards.

Contact:Wendy Paulson

President | Minnesota Broadcasters Association

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If you have any questions regarding traditional media credentials please contact:
Molly M. Steinke
Media Relations Director
Nemer Fieger
P: 612-309-1677
E: [email protected]

Information regarding event details at the Twin Cities Auto Show
Contact: Molly M. Steinke

Media Relations Director l nemerfieger

email: [email protected]

Registration will be available in January 2024.  
Register in advance for your 2024 Twin Cities Auto Show Media wristband.
Media wristbands will be available for pick-up at the Exhibitor Counter, during the following days and hours:

Friday, March 31: 10:30 am – 4:00 pm

Saturday, April 1: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm

Sunday, April 2: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

For additional information, interview requests, or images, please contact:
Molly M. Steinke
Media Relations Director
Nemer Fieger
P: 612-309-1677
E: [email protected]

50th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show
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Minnesota Broadcasters Awards Announcement
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Careers in Cars
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Military Appreciation Night
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Post Military Appreciation Night
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Check back soon for more 2024 Press Releases, or contact Molly Steinke for more information.
Molly M. Steinke
Media Relations Director
Nemer Fieger
P: 612-309-1677
E: [email protected]