Career In Cars

Are you passionate about cars, engines, and all things automotive?

Join us for an exciting and informative event that celebrates the world of automotive careers. Whether you’re an enthusiast, a student looking to explore opportunities, or a professional seeking to advance your career, this event is designed for you.

Wednesday, April 3, 2024
10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Minneapolis Convention Center

Why Attend?

1. Explore Diverse Career Paths: Discover the myriad of career options within the automotive industry. From technician work, mechanical work, administration, sales, marketing, and beyond, this event showcases the diversity and opportunities available.

2. Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals, industry experts, and representatives from leading automotive companies. Build valuable connections that could open doors to your dream career.

3. Career Guidance and Advice: Obtain guidance on educational pathways, certifications, and the skills needed to succeed in various automotive careers. Learn from professionals who’ve navigated successful careers in the industry.

4. Job Opportunities: Explore potential job openings, internships, and career opportunities. Some of the top automotive dealerships and companies will be on-site, scouting for new talent.

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Join us at the Automotive Career Fest and drive your passion into a successful career!

Quick Facts:

  • Everyone who attends will receive a FREE T-shirt (while supplies last).
  • There is NO FEE for the Career in Cars event. Registration is required.
  • Registered attendees and adults who accompany minors will receive a FREE ticket to the
    Twin Cities Auto Show.
  • Cutting-edge automotive service technology on display