Camp Jeep

Leave the need for imagination behind and take a Trail Rated ride at Camp Jeep!

Professional drivers will bring you over true off-road situations that push the Trail Rated Jeep's capabilities to the max! Test the stability through various angled obstacles, maneuver up and down stairs and climb an 18' tall indoor mountain.  See for yourself the incredible traction, maneuverability, and articulation that only Jeep provides.  Camp Jeep is guaranteed to be one ride you won't want to miss!

New for 2020, the Jeep Gladiator will be joining the line up of Jeep vehicles you can ride in on Camp Jeep!









Want to get a better idea of what this indoor thrill ride is all about? Check out this video produced by Jeep at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show!










About Camp Jeep:

Camp Jeep Tracks have been produced at many global events including Beijing, Frankfurt, Vancouver & Mexico City, and over 145 US- based venues, including The New York Auto Show, The Chicago Auto Show, and The Twin Cities Auto Show.
In 2019, the Camp Jeep Track at the Twin Cities Auto Show featured 11 Jeeps, including the all new- Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Compass, and the Renegade. It was made up of 6 different obsacles: 

  • The Mountian: An 18' tall, 35 degree, indoor mountain designed to test traction and approach/ decent.
  • Off-Camber: A hill made of 2 rails at varying angles designed to test articlulation and traction.
  • Breakover: A triangle-like ramp with a sharp top point designed to test articulation and show the power of Jeeps suspention system.
  • Moguls: A series of mogals, in various sizes, designed to test maneuverability.
  • Wedge: An angled curve, forcing the Jeep to drive on a tilted surface, and designed to test articulation and stability.
  • Stair Climber: A double-sided set of stairs designed to test ground clearance and suspension.



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