Polestar 2

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Polestar has improved the range, efficiency and performance of Polestar 2 while simultaneously reducing its carbon footprint as part of significant updates for 2024. Polestar 2 can now travel up to 22% further, consume up to 9% less energy, and charge up to 34% faster, due to hardware upgrades including larger batteries and new motors. The motors are more efficient, and a change to rear-wheel drive for single-motor versions and a rear-bias for the dual motor version also means Polestar 2 is even more fun to drive. Polestar 2 now has an EPA-estimated range of up to 300 miles and a 205 kW charging rate with a new 82 kWh battery.

Single MotorDual Motor
Torque, lb-ft361546
EPA est. mpg106 MPGe106 MPGe
Drive wheelsRWDAWD
Wheelbase, in107.7107.7
Curb Weight, lb44004650