2018 Twin Cities Auto Show Dates: March 10 - 18

This page is intended for manufactures and allied vendors and those hired to design, build and manage the displays.  It can also be used for those who are interested in exhibiting at the Twin Cities Auto Show. 

Sponsorship and Exhibiting at the Twin Cities Auto Show

Exhibiting and Sponsorship Questions: 

Mary Velline




Luxury Lane & Electric Room

The expanded Luxury Lane and  Electric Room were big successes in 2017.  
The Electric Room was full of energy with EV owners, robots and 12 foot video monitors.  Attendees asked and got answers to great quesetions about this exciting technology. 


Luxury Lane took on a new vibe this year as large video monitors were added to the space with a sound system to let the attendees feel the engine rumble. 
The video was supplied by the manufacturs and dealers for the vehicles and brands that were on display.  Brands such as Lexus, Aston Martin and Lane Rover received some valueable impressions at no additional price. 


 Click here to request information about participating in the Electric Room or Luxury Lane.